To report a fire
DIAL 000

Fire Restrictions are in effect throughout the Yarra Ranges Shire. No burning off in the open without a permit.

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Welcome to the Sassafras-Ferny Creek Fire Brigade

The Sassafras-Ferny Creek Fire Brigade serves the townships of Sassafras, Ferny Creek, Tremont and parts of Sherbrooke in the Dandenong Ranges, about 40km east of Melbourne, Australia. The wholly volunteer brigade is one of more than 1200 Country Fire Authority (CFA) brigades across Victoria.

One of 15 volunteer brigades in the Dandenong Ranges Fire Brigades Group, the brigade was formed in 1942 as the local community responded to the need to protect life and property. Our area of operation extends over about 14 square kilometres and is bordered on all sides by the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

Aside from bushland, there are about 1000 homes and a resident population of around 3000. There are also three schools, a pre-school, six public halls, plus numerous shops, restaurants, nurseries, guesthouses, public utilities, church, sporting and community groups.

In addition to bushfires, the brigade attends structure and vehicle fires and a diverse range of other incidents. Motor vehicle accidents form a major part of the workload. Aside from fires and emergencies in the local area, the brigade often provides support to neighbouring brigades. It is also called on to render assistance in many other parts of Victoria and interstate.

Sassafras-Ferny Creek Fire Station